Fundación Diocesana Santos Mártires


David Ruz Velasco

I studied English Philology at the University of Granada and I have been teaching English in Secondary education for more than 20 years. For some years I also taught Spanish at the University of Cardiff (Wales, UK). I have been the headteacher of La Inmaculada School and now I am the director of WIN School of Languages, an organization with more than 1000 students and 50 members of staff. I am also the European Projects and Bilingual Plan coordinator for the institution Fundación Santos Mártires, a group of 15 schools in the city of Córdoba. I am a fiction writer too and an expert evaluator in Erasmus+ projects for the Spanish National Agency.

Our team

Cristina Cordón studied Business Studies at the University of Córdoba. She has been working in the financial department for more than ten years and she is also in charge of staff recruitment and planning. She is now main coordinator at WIN and works closely with David Ruz in Erasmus+ projects. 

Our team of teachers and specialists working on this project is really wide. Al lof them are currently teaching in our schools or language schools. Aurora Colmenero, Gloria de la Torre, Antonio Franco, Cristóbal Domínguez, Carlos García or Inés Muñoz are just some of our motivated staff that are developing the outputs for IBmodel.

Aurora Colmenero

Antonio Franco

Carlos García

Gloria de la Torre

Cristóbal Domínguez

Inés Muñoz


Fundación Santos Mártires de Córdoba is an educational organization that comprises 15 schools in Córdoba, Spain.

Our institution has schools and training centres with more than 4000 students –from pre-primary to High Education and Vocational Education and Training- and 400 teachers and members of staff. 

Our WIN School of Languages and EDD Sports Schools complement the highly innovative educational centres with activities like international exchanges and cooperation through sport practices. More than 1500 of our students participate actively in different projects and events throughout the school year.


We have experience in the bilingual model in Primary and Secondary levels but our organization is always looking for new paths for innovation in this field. For that reason, IBmodel is for us a new opportunity to rethink the ways we evaluate our students in the bilingual subjects. Also, we are really interested in the development of new digital materials that will help both teachers and students in formal and non formal education. 

We believe we also need innovative tools to coordinate teachers in bilingual content subjects and those who teach English (both in schools and complementary language schools in extracurricular lessons). This tool we plan to create will be really useful and will definitely help us to offer our students a better system to follow and assess their progression. 

For those reasons and for the wonderful opportunity to work hand in hand with our great partners in Portugal and Italy, we are extremely happy to be part of this project.